Apply for a Small Grant!

Apply for a Small Grant!

Across 2016, Worcester Play Council are supporting locally based community groups and organisations in Worcester City by enabling them to apply for small grants of up to £500 to develop and deliver play sessions for children aged 0-16 years.

A small grant can be made for up to £500 to support high quality and inclusive play, including: activities, resources, play schemes or events.

To apply, community groups or organisations need to complete the application form, emailing it to or posting it to:

Worcester Play Council,
c/o Freedom Leisure,
Worcester Swimming Pool,
Sansome Walk,

Applications will need to set out what play activities you want to put on and what you see as the benefits and impact of your play activities  for local children and families. You also need to list what you will spend the grant on.

The funding is available throughout 2016. Applications will be considered at each Worcester Play Council meeting. Applications must be received by the dates below. To apply for a grant, you must have completed an evaluation for the previous grant:

  • Monday 11th April
  • Monday 13th June
  • Monday 11th July
  • Monday 7th November
  • Monday  5th December


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