About Worcester Play Council

About Worcester Play Council

Since 1987 Worcester Play Council has led, championed and influenced the role of play within Worcester City. The charity is run by committed volunteers and a dedicated board of Trustees, working with a wide range of stakeholders across the city to facilitate play for 0-16 year olds. Over the years they have secured funding to introduce new play worker and ranger roles who lead on local play schemes in the most disadvantaged areas of Worcester. WPC has continued to fund-raise for play-schemes and training, raising the profile of play and developing Worcester’s City Play Strategy with local organisations.

Worcester Play Council are committed to five key aims:

  1. Be the champion for play across the city.
  2. Develop a high quality workforce to deliver play based on current best practice and guidelines to maximise the potential of every child.
  3. Seek and raise funds for the development and delivery of play across the city.
  4. Offer up to date guidance and support to our members, partner organisations and stakeholders.
  5. Facilitate partnerships to maximise the development and delivery of play across the city.

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